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Leadership of MunicipiosAlDia.com in the municipal information segment


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The arrival of the internet triggered a process of increasing adaptation in the print press, leading traditional newspapers to rethink themselves, evolving towards new digital platforms to reach more readers. Local press, specifically municipal press, did not escape this reality. An example of this can be seen in the leadership achieved by the digital newspaper municipiosaldia.com through its segment “Voz de los municipios“.

The impact of the digital era on municipal press

The technological landscape marked by the digital era has opened up a range of possibilities for municipal press, which for a long time was distant from the informative strategies designed for national and international communication spaces. One of the things that has made this evolution of traditional media possible is the reformulation of the concept of informational proximity, which is used to define the agenda topics.

In this sense, digital media started working with the concept of technologically mediated proximity, through which a greater identification between the informative agenda and the interests of the locality or context of publication action is promoted.

The aim is to present an offering that is close and precise to users, considering that many of them have directly experienced the stories they later read in the media under the signature of a journalist. The segment “Voz de los municipios” of the digital medium MunicipiosAlDia.com is a clear example of the concept of technologically mediated proximity.

A pioneering website in municipal issues

MunicipiosAlDia.com is a digital news portal from the Dominican Republic, its informative line focuses on showing the events of each of the 158 municipalities in this country. Broadly speaking, the main topics of this newspaper are tourism, environment, culture, politics, municipalities, and urbanism.

As expressed on their website, the mission of this medium is to inform, through what they have called “news point by point” of everything that happens in the life of municipalities, as well as how people overcome their challenges day by day. All this is approached from a plural perspective that defines the north of their editorial line, and in which the truth of the facts is sought through the analysis of the multiple angles of reality.

In this sense, the coverage carried out through its segment “Voz de los municipios” has made this newspaper the pioneering news portal in municipal issues in Latin America and the Caribbean.


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